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What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Several procedures rejuvenate the contours and volume of your face, but fat grafting to the face is growing in popularity because of its natural improvements and lasting benefits for the skin. Loss of volume, often due to aging, is usually most pronounced around the cheeks, jawline, and eyes. Facial fat transfer is used to minimize some of the most typical signs of aging, and it restores fullness by smoothing lines, wrinkles, and folds on your face through your own fatty tissue. By taking unwanted fat from your body, Dr. Mark W. Stalder in New Orleans, LA can skillfully transfer the fat into the desired parts of your face for lasting, beautiful outcomes. Contact Stalder Plastic Surgery to arrange an appointment with Dr. Stalder for more information about autologous fat transfer to the face.

How Does Facial Fat Transfer Work?

Laser lipo and fat transfer is an outpatient procedure performed in our New Orleans, LA practice. To perform this procedure, we utilize a topical numbing solution to reduce discomfort during your treatment. Once we clean the treatment site, Dr. Stalder will use a precise laser device to retrieve a healthy tissue sample. The adipose sample will be immediately purified with our fat transfer system. Once it has been prepped, a team member will carefully add the specimen into the chosen regions of the face, such as the cheeks or lips, to elevate fullness and supply a softened, youthful-looking result.

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If you'd like to boost the fullness in your face, the facial fat transfer procedure at Stalder Plastic Surgery could be an excellent way to help you achieve your visual aims. Facial fat transfer is capable of delivering younger-looking improvements to your face. Reach out to our team in New Orleans, LA to organize a consultation with Dr. Stalder, and discover more about this state-of-the-art technique.

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From the day I met Dr Stalder he always asked me what I wanted rather than force anything on me. I trusted the process from the start and in the course of a year, the work done to my body is unbelievable. The more I heal the more beautiful everything is. From him to his 5 star staff, they are truly some wonderful people. My breasts look amazing!!! I still can’t believe how it all came together! Anytime I had a question him and his team were there to provide the answers almost in the blink of an eye! I am so honored to have worked with Dr Stalder and his team. I will never forget you all as I continue on with my life. You all were a special part of my breast cancer journey. Waking up to Abby checking on me also warmed my heart. She’s such a sweetheart ! I love you all and pray you continue to do an amazing job with individuals dealing with cancer. You have restored my dignity and helped me to love myself again.

C.J. Google

I have fully recovered from my Diep flap procedure and reconstructive surgery from Dr. Stalder. I could not be happier with the outcome! Initially I was nervous to go thru the surgery because my situation was a little different. I had a prophylactic mastectomy with implants about 10 years ago and after multiple implant replacement surgeries due to issues, I also had a breast implant associated lymphoma scare. I was recommended to and sought consult with Dr. Mark Stalder. Dr. Stalder was able to resolve ALL of my issues! I couldn't be happier and really have appreciated Dr. Stalder and his amazing Team, Jess and Abby! Not only do my breasts look and feel amazing, the areas where tissues was harvested also look amazing, a nice little perk :) Thank you Dr. Stalder, Abby and Jess for everything you have done for me! Tessa

T.D. Google

I had considered having a rhinoplasty for several years but was nervous that I would come out looking like a completely different person. Additionally, I had a severely damaged septum making it difficult to breathe through one side of my nose. After meeting with Dr. Stalder and the exceptional team at Stalder Plastic Surgery I was convinced that I would be in capable hands. Dr. Stalder took the time to listen to my concerns and answered all of my questions. I am currently 6 weeks post op and I could not be happier! Dr. Stalder made the changes that I had wanted for so long while maintaining the integrity of my nose. The subtle changes didn't make me look like a different person but rather a better version of myself! I am thrilled with the results and would absolutely recommend Dr. Stalder and Stalder Plastic Surgery for all of your needs and especially if you are considering surgery. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, you should absolutely meet with Dr. Stalder. Currently I receive Botox at Stalder Plastic Surgery and I am always pleased with the very natural looking results. The office is stunning and the staff are kind and helpful. While I am not ready for anything else right now, I know that I will not trust anyone else but Dr. Stalder for my future aesthetic needs.

A.K. Google

I was so nervous in the beginning because of what I was going through but Dr Stalder and his team made this process so much better and I thank and appreciate you guys so much God bless ❤️

J.B. Google

I had Botox done by Dr Stalder and it has been the best Botox I’ve ever received. I’ve been to plenty of different kind of providers for Botox but Dr Stalder did the best I’ve ever had. He’s professional but also easy going and easy to talk to about what you’re looking for. Jess and the rest of the staff are great at taking care of you to help you get the appointment that works best for you and making sure you are happy with your results. I’m looking forward to more treatments here at Stalder Plastic Surgery!

A.V. Google


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